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The Many Types of Witchcraft

Posted on December 25, 2018 at 10:55 AM

There are many types of Witchcraft today, some dating back centuries ago that are still practiced and some more new modern ones. I have been practicing Witchcraft for about 8 years. I've studied many different practices of the craft and feel my deepest connections with the Green & Grey Witchcraft practices. I mostly practice my craft as a Solitary Witch during different Lunar cycles herbally & metaphysically, and done so with all four elements: Water, Air, Earth, Fire.

Hence the name ~ Yin Yang Moon :) ( I believe in not only the good, but I also know that there is bad )

The following is a beginning list of some practices in which I have included short descriptions for, however, variations of the craft can be found in nearly every culture. Witchcraft to say the least is a very broad term.

In the near future I will post again to include more practices with some fuller descriptions. I'm hopeing as my own knowledge grows, this blog will grow and continue to educate and inspire others to follow the path of their heart.

There is no one single way to practice withcraft, any one Witch can incorporate multiple types of crafts into their daily practices. Witchcraft is magick, and you have to start with the heart and learn to follow your own intuitions and seperate any fears. 

Witches are known by the company their mind keeps... remember, our thoughts are a very powerful thing.

Withcraft is NOT a religion, it is a practice, a person of ANY religion or of NO religion at all, can practice witchcraft and call themselves a Witch.

Green Witchcraft: Nature Based, Earth Oriented, Dirt, Rocks, Trees, Herbs, Herbal Remedies, Healing, Earth as their Mother Goddess

Kitchen Witchcraft: The Domesticated Witch, Also called a Cottage or Hearth Witch. Learns and utilizes all herbs and spices, Makes Magick in the kitchen, Centers energy through making meals, Works with spirits of the hearth, crafty folks, Magickal practices focus mainly on the home.

Grey Witchcraft: Embraces both light and dark, Acknowledges Yin & Yang, Will protect and defend, magick working with energy, common goddess are Hecate & Nyx, common gods ore Loki, and Poseidon. A Grey Witch is about understanding balance.

Solitary Witchcraft: Practices alone, not in a coven. Meditation and craves silence. Some believed to be Oracles. Bide no law, follows own intuition and instincts.

Hedge Witchcraft: Earth & Spirit based. Healers, Charmers, Shamanistic, Astral Travel, Highly intellectual, Individualistic

Hereditary Witchcraft: Traditional passed down practice. Old ways. Have spiritual ancestors. Stick together as family rather than a coven. Personalized Potions.

Sea Witchcraft: Practices with Marine life, Ocean, Shells, Sand, Driftwood. Spell work with the power & energy of the sea.

Tech Witchcraft: Utilizes modern technology in their magick. Use alot of phone apps, Digital Grimoires, Hiding Sigils & Codes. Adept at vanishing viruses. More modern and less spiritual. 

Faery Witchcraft: Works with the powers of the Fae. The connection is through the Fae who work through the land & imagination. Animals trust Faery Witches and will communicate telepathically. Calls upon 7 gaurdians. Extremely Eco-Friendly.

Eclectic Witchcraft: Studies all crafts & creates own practice. Rarely follows a specific religion. Unique spiritual path. One of a kind. What works best for them, is what they keep.

Cosmic Witchcraft: Utilizes Planetary & Celestial Energies. Astronomy, Astrology, Planets, Stars. Supernovas, Astral Travel. Studies cosmic rythyms. Celestial energies for grounding.

White Witchcraft: Positive Magick Only. Lightworkers, May have prophetic dreams, Believe in the greater good, Bides the Wiccan Rede, Metaphysical Crystal Healing, Earth Based, Sent Here to Heal. 

Folkloric Witchcraft: Brings folklore to life. Traditional, pre-modern. Enhanced spiritual experiences, spirit flight. Circles are cast as a kind of cauldron. Forked ritual staff (stang) is the centre tool.

That wraps up this post, just the beginning, so much more to explore. Follow up post will be coming soon. Please be sure to subscribe, and you will be notified of new posts. 

Thank You 

Yin Yang Moon 

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