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Not all witches are Wiccan. 
Not all Pagans are Wiccan. 
Not all witches are Pagan. 
Not all Pagans are witches. 
Not all Wiccan are Pagan. 
Paganism is an ancient, Pre-Christian religion. 
Wicca is a religion, but NOT ancient or 
Witchcraft is NOT a religion.... it's a practice. 
Blessed Be

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What and Who is a Witch they ask?

Well, there are many different types of witches and really it is based on ones own spiritual beliefs and witchcraft practices can be that of a single tradition or a combination of several different traditions. It is a broad practice that varies culturally.

Here is a short  list of different types of witches/witchcraft but please see my first blog post .......  for an A-Z list with descriptions.

Eclectic Witch 

Traditional Folkloric Witch 

Green Witch 

Hedge Witch 

Kitchen Witch

White Witch 

Grey Witch 

Cosmic Witch 

Solitary Witch 

Witches do use magick, but we do not worship the demons from Christian literature


What is Crystal Healing?

Healing with crystals, gemstones, fossils, minerals is a Metaphysical practice utilizing the natural energy these items of nature provide for us. 

Here we will explore the benefits of different Crystals & Gemstones in my blog posts.

One of my favorite Metaphysical teachers is Sage Goddess, she offers a lot for us to expand our knowledge.

In the Metaphysical world, there is something new to learn everyday.

For the ways of her teachings, please check out the opportunities that await for you 


Carnelian is an orange-colored variety of Chalcedony, a mineral of the Quartz family.

Its fiery orange hue and warm energy brings passion and strength to the forefront of healing, when used in crystal therapy.

Carnelian is a stone of motivation and endurance, leadership and courage

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